Fetal well being assessment and Doppler’s study

Fetal Wellbeing Assessment

The Aim

  • To check the estimated fetal weight of the baby and plot it against a customized chart to assess the Growth Trend between 24 weeks till delivery.
  • To check the water (liquor) around the baby.
  • To check the adequacy of blood flow to the Baby, which along with normal fetal movement and fetal breathing, ensures well being of the unborn child.
  • To check the position of Placenta.
  • To check the position of the fetal head.

The Interpretation

  • Any problem with normal growth of the baby (too small or too large) will be identified.
  • For the babies with abnormal growth, fetal wellbeing will be assessed and suggestion will be given for plan of monitoring or delivery.
  • Any abnormality with placental position or fetal position will be reported.

The Preparation and After

  • You may eat normally before.
  • Usually we will not need a full bladder for this test.
  • Based on the findings, you will be reassured if the baby is found to be normal. If any abnormality is found, Parents will receive full counselling concerning the significance of the abnormality and the various options available.
  • You will be given a printed report within 15 minutes in most of the cases.