High Risk Pregnancy

All the pregnancies are premium to parents and to doctors as well. However some pregnancies are classed as “High Risk“ compared to others. This may be based on,

  • Development in index pregnancy, like Twin Pregnancy, Elderly Mothers, Development of High Blood Pressure or blood sugars
  • Problems of Previous Pregnancies, like Recurrent Pregnancy loss or Miscarriage, Intrauterine Fetal Death or Congenital Problems in Previous Child.
  • Medical Problems in Mother, like Heart Disease, Kidneys Problems, Rheumatic Conditions etc.
  • Generally Pregnancies as a result of Fertility Treatment, like IUI or IVF are also classed as High Risk.

All these pregnancies are managed worldwide in specialized set up with support by experts in Fetal & Maternal Medicine.

It was possible by treating the unborn child (Fetus) along with the mother, preferably from the pre-conception stage. Identifying the cause of previous pregnancy problems is also very important, as is controlling any pre-existing medical conditions before pregnancy started.

Nothing should be left for chance or luck in this time and age.

Starting from reducing any chance of miscarriage or pre-term labour or detecting any congenital problem in the baby to ensuring safety of a sick mother or a child in utero or taking the decision to deliver – When and How, all are done using latest International standard knowledge, experience and technology.

Even with best of medical set up in the world, result may not be hundred percent in all cases. However, outcome will certainly be better in an Advanced Medicare with World Class Facility under a Trained Fetomaternal Specialist