Late Pregnancy

  • By the Way, what is late Pregnancy

    Any pregnancy after mother’s age of 35 years is called as Late pregnancy. Generally it is classed as a “ High Risk Pregnancy”

  • Is it safe to get pregnant after 35 years

    Mother’s age even for 1st pregnancy is increasing now a days. Many women with infertility are getting pregnant with treatment after 35 years. Such pregnancies are safe only if managed properly

  • What is Downs Syndrome

    Downs Syndrome is the commonest chromosomal problem of the baby , where the main problems is severe mental retardation . This may also be accompanied by a major congenital problems like heart disease. Such conditions are not compatible with a normal life. It is more common if the mother’s age is more than 35 years

  • Is it possible to detect genetic problems of the baby before birth

    Certainly Yes. It is possible by a simple blood test of the mother & an ultrasonography of the fetus as early as 3 months of pregnancy with more than 90% accuracy. If this “Perkin Elmer Test” is positive, further tests are carried out by taking fetal cells out of mother’s uterus by a special test called as “Amniocentesis” for confirmation of the problem with 100% accuracy

  • Is there any cure if the baby has a genetic problem

    No. If a genetic problem is confirmed in the baby, Termination of the pregnancy is usually advised

  • Can Miscarriages happen

    Yes. Miscarriages are more common in elderly mothers. It is important to know the causes of miscarriage & take appropriate action before the pregnancy come. That is why it is all the more important to manage these pregnancies in a specialized center

  • Is the Blood Sugar going to rise in elderly pregnant women

    Yes many cases. This is because of genetic tendency of Indian population & also because of increasing mother’s age. It is a well manageable problem. Only awareness & diagnosis during the pregnancy is important

  • What about Blood Pressure

    Blood pressure in many cases go up in elderly mothers. Actually it may be increased in many late pregnancies before the pregnancy start. This is a quite serious problem which may threaten the life of mother & baby. Diagnosis & proper treatment in a good center is important

  • Is the baby going to grow normally

    Sometimes baby do not grow properly in elderly mothers. If not detected in right time, it may die inside mother’s uterus. The growth of the fetus need to be monitored by ultrasonography. If the baby is found to be small , delivery need to be arranged in a center where a good NICU is available