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Who We Are ?

Fetomat Wellness is a network of fertility and pregnancy care clinics dedicated to Women. Set up in 2013, our mission is to enable communities to have seamless access to skilled care in women’s health to achieve safe motherhood and healthy babies. Fetomat has grown to become one of the largest centres for Fetal and Maternal Medicine in Eastern India for pregnancy care, women’s imaging, prenatal diagnosis and therapy.

Having helped more than 20000 patients over the years, we have now included “Fertility Treatment” within our range of services, thus enabling us to offer a complete range of care from conception to childbirth and beyond. Fetomat also specializes in Genetic Counselling and Investigations. We are training doctors in our field of specialization, “Maternal and Fetal Medicine”, the only of its kind in Eastern India

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A world with seamless access to safe and appropriate childbirth with effective elimination of maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity.


To facilitate communities’ access to quality skilled antenatal investigations and support to achieve safe motherhood and healthy babies.