There are many pregnancy testing centers in Kolkata. Just Google “best diagnostic center in Kolkata” and you will know. The same is the case in almost every city in the country.

So, should you pick and go with any clinic?

Not really!

When it comes to pregnancy tests, you want a test clinic where you feel comfortable; a clinic that has a team that makes you feel relaxed, comforted, and confident; you want a doctor or lab technician who has extensive experience.

This requires you to be more careful with your decision.

Here are the three very important tips to find a good pregnancy testing center in Kolkata:

Types of tests they offer

This is the most fundamental step.

During pregnancy, you would need to do several tests. Ideally, you want a clinic that has the right facilities and infrastructure to cater to all your testing needs under a single roof.

So, have a clear idea of the kind of pregnancy tests that are required. And then ensure the testing centre covers these tests.

Check their website, send them an email, or given them a call to get the relevant information.

What do others say about them?

Check online reviews and ratings.

This can reveal a lot about the pregnancy testing centre. Like, is their facility any good, what kind of attitude they have towards patients, how much they charge for the tests, what kind of doctors they have, are the staff there friendly, do people have to wait, how accurate their test results are, and more.

So, go through the reviews of different centres. Read what others are saying about them; read about others’ experiences. Make the decision accordingly.

Talk to their team

If someone else had a good experience at the center and with their team – that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have the same experience.

This is why it’s preferred to see firsthand if they are really good.

Give them a call and ask relevant questions to address your concerns.

If possible, visit the clinic and see the facility yourself. Talk to the doctors there; talk to the staff. Are you comfortable in front of them? Are they friendly and make you feel calm and contended? Consider these little aspects.


Final words

These are three very important tips to find the right pregnancy testing center. Find a good testing center with a qualified team of doctors and a medical team. Work with them and make your pregnancy’s outcome successful.