You’re about to go to the anomaly scan centre… You have a lot of questions in mind…

Here are 13 frequently asked questions about anomaly scans with answers:

  1. What is an anomaly scan?

An Anomaly scan is a 20-month ultrasound scan, which is also called an anatomy scan or mid-pregnancy scan. It evaluates the baby’s heart, brain, bones, spinal cord, abdomen, and kidneys. It also evaluates the anatomic structures of the placenta and mother’s pelvis.

  1. Is anomaly scan accurate?

No medical test can guarantee 100 percent accuracy. So, there are chances that the anomaly scan can be wrong.

  1. Is an anomaly scan necessary?

Every parent-to-be is recommended to get the anomaly scan done to check the physical development of the baby. If your doctor has ordered this test, it is necessary.

  1. Is anomaly scan painful?

An Anomaly scan is not painful. It’s completely safe for the mother, as well as the baby.

  1. When do you have an anomaly scan?

An Anomaly scan is done when the woman is between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy.

  1. Can an anomaly scan be done at 24 weeks?

Yes, it can be done. However, you should ideally consult a doctor who, based on your condition, will be able to tell better.

  1. How anomaly scan is performed?

You will be asked to lay down and uncover the abdomen. The sonographer will apply a gel to the abdomen. They will then press a handheld probe on the abdomen. The gel will ensure the probe is properly in touch with the abdomen. An image will show up on the ultrasound screen.

  1. How long anomaly scan takes?

The scan usually takes anywhere around 30-40 minutes.

  1. How much anomaly scan cost?

Anomaly scan cost varies from one clinic to another. Also, the cost is different from one city to another. Reach out to the best anomaly scan centre in Kolkata and find out how much it will cost you.

  1. Is an anomaly scan important?

In general, an anomaly scan is important. It helps know if the fetus is developing properly; if there are any physical abnormalities in the growing baby.

In certain cases, an anomaly scan is almost essential.

Let your doctor decide if you should get it done or not.

  1. Why do doctors suggest anomaly scans?

The doctor advises the parents to get the anomaly scan done to be sure the baby is growing healthily. It’s not mandatory.

In certain cases though, if the doctor has reasons to believe that there could be something wrong (maybe one of the parents have a family history of any physical abnormality), they would make this ultrasound mandatory for the couple.

  1. What does an anomaly scan detect?

The scan can detect a wide range of physical abnormalities. At the same time, it’s worth noting that it can also miss several abnormalities.

Some of the conditions it can help detect include cleft lip, exomphalos, Edwards’ syndrome, open spina bifida, diaphragmatic hernia, Patau’s syndrome, gastroschisis, cardiac abnormalities, and more.

  1. Which scan after the anomaly scan?

If everything is fine, following the anomaly scan, you would be asked to get the growth scan done. It is done during the last trimester – between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. The scan helps determine the growth of the baby.

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