Infertility can be an emotionally draining journey for couples who are struggling to conceive. However, modern medicine offers a range of effective infertility treatments that provide hope to those facing this issue. The choice of the best treatment depends on the underlying causes of infertility and the couple’s overall health. Here, the top infertility doctor in Kolkata has discussed the best infertility treatments for these couples.

Top infertility treatments for couples

1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): IVF is one of the most well-known and successful fertility treatments in Kolkata. It retrieves eggs from the ovaries and fertilizes them with sperm in a laboratory. The resultant embryos are transferred into the uterus. IVF is suitable for addressing various infertility causes, including tubal blockages, severe male factor infertility, and unexplained infertility.

2. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): Intrauterine insemination involves the direct placement of sperm into the uterus during the woman’s fertile window. This procedure can be beneficial for couples with mild male factor infertility or unexplained infertility. The top fertility clinic in Kolkata can also combine itwith certain medications to enhance its effectiveness.

3. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): ICSI is often used in conjunction with IVF and is particularly helpful for couples dealing with severe male infertility. In the procedure, a single sperm is directly injected into an egg to achieve fertilization. ICSI can improve the chances of fertilization when sperm quality or quantity is a concern.

4. Fertility Medications: For couples experiencing ovulation issues or irregular menstrual cycles, fertility medications such as Clomiphene citrate or letrozole may be prescribed. These medications help stimulate ovulation, increasing the chances of pregnancy.

5. Genetic Testing and Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT): Couples with a history of genetic conditions or recurrent miscarriages may benefit from genetic testing of embryos created through IVF. PGT is one of the best fertility treatment services in Kolkata,and allows the selection of embryos without genetic abnormalities before implantation.

6. Surgery: Surgical procedures can address certain physical barriers to fertility, such as fibroids, polyps, or blocked fallopian tubes. Laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive and often preferred for its quicker recovery times.

6. Donor Eggs or Sperm: If one partner has poor egg or sperm quality or there are genetic concerns, using donor eggs or sperm may be a viable option. Donor gametes can significantly increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

It’s important to note that the best infertility treatment for a couple must be determined after a thorough evaluation by a fertility specialist. Factors like age and medical history play a crucial role in determining the most suitable approach. Hence, if you are currently experiencing issues with conceiving, reach out to the top infertility doctor in Kolkata.