What is donor insemination? Answers an infertility specialist 

Donor insemination is an infertility treatment which involves using sperm donated by another man to fertilize the egg and have a healthy conception. Donor insemination refers to intrauterine insemination with donor sperm if your partner has problems in sperm quality or quantity. This procedure can also be used as a part of an IVF cycle, stated an infertility specialist in Kolkata. 

When do you need donor insemination? Explains an infertility specialist 

Fertility experts of the best IUI clinic in Kolkata stated that couples might need donor insemination under the following conditions.

  • Male partner with severe infertility issues

Donor insemination is considered an alternative option to Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Moreover, infertile men with extremely low sperm counts may also opt for this treatment.

  • Incurable problems with erection

Couples with severe erectile problems who are unable to go for other treatments like IVF-ICSI with TESE/TESA to have a biological child can pursue donor insemination procedure to enjoy parenthood.

  • Single women

Single women who don’t have a partner may consider using donor sperm to fertilize the egg and have a baby.

  • Male partner with untreatable STD

If your male partner is HIV positive or is diagnosed with any other antibiotic-resistant sexually transmitted disease, donor insemination can be an option for you.

  • Genetic or hereditary disorders

In cases where your male partner has any genetic or hereditary disorder, couples can prefer using donor sperm for conception.

Also, if you and your partner are Rh incompatible and if the female partner can’t take the RhoGAM shot, they can undergo donor insemination process to have a genetic baby.

Steps before donor insemination: Explains an infertility specialist

Before a donor insemination process, you can expect to go through the following steps, stated a gynaecologist of the best infertility solution clinic in Kolkata. 

  1. Find a healthy sperm donor
  2. Psychological counselling to prepare for the process
  3. Legal procedure if required

Factors determining the success of donor insemination

According to the opinion of fertility experts of best infertility solution clinic in Kolkata, these factors below determine the success rate of donor insemination.

  • Age of the inseminated female
  • Pre-existing infertility problems in the female partner
  • Type of insemination process (i.e with IUI or IVF).


Couples can consider the donor insemination process as a fertility treatment. However, equal consent of both partners is important before this procedure.

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