You’ll be discussing your intimate problems with them. You will share with them your personal health issues. So, ideally, you want to choose a gynecologist who you’re comfortable with; someone who makes you feel relaxed and with whom you can share your reproductive health problems without any unease.

This is why it’s important to take your time and consider different factors when choosing a gynecologist.

Here are three important tips to find a good gynecologist:

Consider Their Experience and Track Record

Are they experienced?

How long have they been in practice?

How many patients have they treated?

These are important questions to undertake in your decision-making.

Do some research to find out about the gynecologist’s track record. For instance, have they ever been marred with many controversies in the past? Have they faced any lawsuits or complaints of misconduct?

Find out such key aspects before visiting a gynecologist.

The Reviews They Have Got

This is quite an obvious one. Online reviews will reveal a lot about the doctor.

But don’t just look at the ratings alone. Read those reviews. Read what their patients have liked about them. Read the negative reviews and find out the common complaints the patients have.

This way you can curate a lot of critical information about the gynecologist. You will get a clearer picture of women who are comfortable with the doctor if they are satisfied with the clinic (and the privacy arrangements in the clinic), and more.

Their Approach and Attitude

Visit the clinic and talk to the doctor. Get checked. Look at the facilities around and basic arrangements.

See how the gynecologist is, their behavior, and attitude.

Are they answering all your questions or rushing through?

Are they a good listener?

Are they calm and caring?

Once you meet the gynecologist, you will have a fair idea if you would be comfortable around them; if you’ll be comfortable with them performing your gynecologic exams and listening to your intimate reproductive health problems.

Here, you can also consider the gender of the gynecologist. Many women feel uncomfortable with male gynecologists. If you’re one of them, look for a female doctor.

Final Words

Whether you’re looking for the best gynecologist in Kolkata for pregnancy, regular checkups, or any other reproductive health issues, take your time in finding a good specialist. Do more than just Google “best gynecologist in Kolkata near me”. Check out different websites, read reviews, ask for recommendations from friends.

Also, don’t hesitate in changing your gynecologist and finding someone else.  Keep changing until you find someone with who you’re completely comfortable.