Ultrasound provides valuable insight regarding ovarian functions, development of follicles, endometrial receptivity and improving chances of successful conception for those couples that are struggling with infertility. Guidance related to treatment decisions can be received from the doctors of an infertility clinic in Kolkata.

Let us discuss the impact of an ultrasound on the process.

  • Ovulation timing

By using ultrasound and monitoring the features and size of follicles, the ovulation timing can be predicted. This data is essential for timing intercourse to balance the chances of conception.

  • Diagnosis of disorders

Ultrasound significantly helps in diagnosing ovarian disorders like polycystic ovary syndrome as well as tumours and cysts in the ovaries. These conditions affect fertility and ovulation. Here, ultrasound imagery aids in the identification of abnormalities in the structure and function of ovaries.

  • Ovarian follicle assessment

Images received from an ultrasound help doctors visualise the ovaries and examine ovarian follicle development, which contains maturing eggs. Serial ultrasound scans are done to oversee the growth and maturing of follicles while undergoing a menstrual cycle or in reproductive techniques like in vitro fertilisation (IVF). The best IVF clinic in Kolkata uses advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology in such procedures. This also helps in analysing a woman’s ovarian reserve to check her chances of conception.

  • Monitor how ovaries respond to medication.

An ultrasound is helpful in scanning the response of ovaries regarding fertility treatments that are associated with ovarian stimulation and certain medications. Serial ultrasound scans are required to track the count and proportions of follicle development which allows adjustments to dosages of medication needed to balance follicular growth and avoid further complications.

  • Assessment of endometrial lining

Ultrasound also permits the evaluation of the uterine lining. For successful embryo implantation, a well-developed and thick endometrium is essential. Moreover, it aids in determining the standard timing for the transfer of embryos in assisted reproductive procedures.

  • Fertility treatment guidance

During the procedures of follicle aspiration for IVF or intrauterine insemination (IUI), an ultrasound provides guidance in the precision of needle or catheter placement. This ensures accuracy in the delivery of sperm or egg retrieval from ovaries. When compared to other procedures, the protocol of fertility ultrasound has its limitless significance.


Monitoring the development and growth of a pregnancy established in a patient is crucial, especially for women who are infertile or have recurrent miscarriages. Ultrasound serves as a tool that is useful for treating women with reproductive issues. The best infertility clinic in Kolkata provides images of the highest quality due to the improvement in ultrasound technology over the years, permitting them to identify issues better.