Importance of a 20-week ultrasound in pregnancy

The 20-week ultrasound, also known as the anomaly scan, holds significant importance during pregnancy. These mid-pregnancy ultrasounds help determine the development of the fetus and its well-being. Know the importance of this 20-week ultrasound test in pregnancy from the doctors of the best clinic for pregnancy care in Kolkata.

Benefits of a 20-week ultrasound in pregnancy

  • Confirms gestational age: With the help of the 20-week ultrasound examination, doctors confirm the gestational age of the fetus. This helps medical professionals to determine the accurate due date and ensure appropriate prenatal care. 


  • Helps check placental health and amniotic fluid levels: Doctors also check placental health and amniotic fluid levels in a 20-week ultrasound to evaluate the fetus’ well-being. For example, healthcare providers perform this test to examine the placental position and see whether the fetus is getting its essential nutrients. Also, by monitoring amniotic fluid levels, doctors can detect potential complications early on. 


  • Enables comprehensive fetal anatomy assessment: By the 20th week of pregnancy, the fetus completes it’s major development of organs, making it the best time for a thorough anatomical assessment. This enables doctors to check the different aspects of the fetal anatomy, like the heart, brain, limbs, spine and internal organs. The ultrasound, therefore, helps identify potential developmental issues.  


  • Helps to detect structural anomalies: According to the reputed gynecologist, the 20-week ultrasound test for pregnancy is conducted to detect potential structural abnormalities in the developing fetus. Some of them may not be compatible with life ,while others may be correctable before or after birth. Early detection enables doctors to make decisions about further testing, possible treatments and determine potential outcomes. 


  • Allows screening for genetic conditions: In addition to the assessment of fetal anatomy, the 20-week ultrasound helps screen for some genetic conditions like chromosomal abnormalities and Down’s Syndrome. Though the ultrasound cannot diagnose these conditions effectively, it can detect potential markers or indicators that warrant further evaluation through additional diagnostic procedures or genetic testing. 


  • Evaluates fetal growth : The 20-week ultrasound enables doctors to evaluate fetal growth and positioning within the uterus. This is vital for monitoring the baby’s overall health and ensuring that it is developing at a normal rate. Also, the scan helps to determine the baby’s position, which is vital for planning the delivery, especially in certain cases where some positions might cause difficulties during childbirth. 

Reach out to the doctors of the best clinic for pregnancy care in Kolkata for your 20-week ultrasound test to determine your baby’s development and well-being.