What is sperm insemination? Answers an expert of best infertility clinic

Sperm insemination or intrauterine insemination (IUI) is an effective fertility treatment, said an expert of the best infertility clinic. During IUI, ovaries are stimulated using ovulation induction tablets and injections to develop more than one egg, and then millions of healthy sperm are placed inside the uterus using a catheter around the time of ovulation.

Why is sperm insemination or IUI done? Explains an expert of the best infertility clinic

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This treatment is recommended when infertility is caused due to poor sperm quality and quantity or when erection and intercourse is an issue. If required, donor sperm can also be used for insemination.

How is sperm insemination or IUI done? Explains an expert of the best infertility clinic

An expert from the best infertility clinic in Kolkata explains the sperm insemination process. The procedure includes the following:

  • Semen is collected and washed in the laboratory to separate the sperm and proteins. The sperms are further segregated, and unhealthy sperms are removed.
  • It is performed when the woman is expected to be ovulating, and the eggs are matured.
  • A catheter is inserted into the cervix of the uterus, and the healthy sperms are injected inside.
  • Results are evaluated 2 weeks after with a blood pregnancy test.

It is a painless procedure, but you may experience cramps for a day or two after this treatment.


Sperm insemination is a low-risk and reasonably effective option for couples trying to conceive for a long time. If you have infertility, talk with an infertility specialist and may consider the IUI procedure as per medical advice.

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