A lot goes into planning a pregnancy to ensure a successful course and a healthy baby. The planning is even more critical if it’s a high-risk pregnancy. One of the key parts of the planning is genetic counseling.

Genetic counselling is very important, helping couples better understand inherited conditions in the family that may affect the pregnancy and the baby post-delivery. So, if you and your partner want to have a baby, consider genetic counseling. Or ask your family doctor if they recommend genetic counselling in your case.

Today, you can book an online pregnancy appointment in Kolkata and partake in the session digitally. So, it’s highly convenient, and also very fitting in terms of safety given the pandemic.


What is Genetic Counselling?

Genetic counselling will help you understand how genetic problems run in your family. While you can opt for it even during the pregnancy, it’s usually recommended you seek counselling before getting pregnant. The genetic counselors will ask you questions, as well as order several genetic tests like blood tests. Following the assessment, they can provide you more details regarding the chances of your baby having a genetic condition. Further, they can educate you, as well as provide emotional support.

During pregnancy, genetic counselling can identify several possible conditions like Down Syndrome, cleft palate, heart defects, cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease. Following diagnosis, couples can begin the necessary treatments early.


What to Expect from Your Genetic Counselling Session?

Your doctor will ask you several questions to understand your family health history. Such details will provide them insights into how the family history can possibly affect you and your baby. They may order several tests like molecular genetic tests, biochemical tests, and chromosomal genetic tests. Most of these tests include taking blood samples. Some, however, may involve taking samples of saliva. In case if your doctor does order any genetic tests, you will have to make subsequent appointments where they can go through the test result and explain it to you.


Making Your Pregnancy Safer for You and Your Baby

Genetic counselling makes up a big part of pregnancy planning and prenatal care. From blood tests to family history tracking, it involves various activities that will help you understand whether you or your baby carry some genetic disorders. So, seek genetic counselling in Kolkata and ensure your pregnancy is safer and complication-free with a healthier child in the family by the end.