Pregnancy is a special phase. It’s also a period that comes with challenges and responsibilities. For the to-be-parents, their “parenting” starts much before the baby arrives. It starts from the day they heard the good news. Proper prenatal care is essential to ensure complication-free pregnancy and successful outcome. So, if you’re expecting a baby, take better prenatal care. Basic measures can take you a long way.

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Bring Your Lifestyle on Track

For starters, invest in your health. The Healthy you are, the healthier will be the baby. Unless your doctor has advised you against this, start exercising. Get involved in moderate-intensity aerobic activities every day for at least 20 minutes. Get enough sleep every night; this will play a big role in taming your stress level and promoting better mental health. So, find one of the good prenatal testing labs in Kolkata. In general, adopt a better lifestyle. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol. Regarding your weight, consult your doctor and have a fair idea of how much weight you should put up.

Build a Good Eating Habit

Get conscious of your dietary choices. Eat different varieties of healthy foods to get all the essential nutrients, especially calcium, iron, and vitamin D. Depending on your existing health, your doctor may even recommend supplements, including multivitamin tablets. Drink a lot of water and always keep yourself hydrated. Avoid any food that may cause illnesses and disrupt your weight management.

Don’t Neglect Environmental Factors

In addition, also attend to the environmental factors. For instance, avoid secondhand smoke. If someone is smoking, either ask them to stop or leave the room. Keep away from chemicals and avoid any contact with rodents. If you have cats, you’re at a higher risk of toxoplasmosis; so stay away from the litter box.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Pregnancy could also be tolling for mental health. Despite good sleep and support from family members, you may still feel stressed and anxious at times. Similarly, mood swings can be quite annoying. Try meditation, watch good movies and shows, read good books, and surround yourself with positive people. In case if you’re not feeling well on a stretch, consider counseling from a qualified psychotherapist or clinical psychologist.

Get all the Tests Done

During pregnancy, you’ll have to do several clinical tests. Some are essential, others may be required based on several risk factors and your existing health. Your doctor would explain to you everything about which tests you should get done and when. Even after delivery, you may be required to do some tests. This is why choose among the prenatal testing labs in Kolkata. If the test result has something that’s concerning, work along with your doctor to address that concern and ensure a healthy delivery.