Doctors advise against delaying one’s first pregnancy for too long. Get to know why from the best infertility specialist in Kolkata.

Reasons not delay your first pregnancy for too long

Delaying pregnancy has become increasingly common due to various societal shifts, career aspirations, or personal choices. However, there are compelling reasons to consider not postponing your first pregnancy for too long. Here, the best infertility specialist in Kolkata has offered some insights into why this might be important. 

Why you must not delay your first pregnancy?

Fertility Decline: One of the primary biological factors is the decline in fertility with age, particularly in women. As women age, the quantity and quality of their eggs diminish, leading to reduced fertility and an increased likelihood of experiencing difficulties in conceiving necessitating infertility treatment.

Increased Risk of Complications: Older maternal age is associated with a higher risk of pregnancy complications like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome. These risks tend to rise significantly after the age of 35.

Need for Assisted Reproductive Techniques

However, success rates of ART procedures often decrease with advancing age, emphasizing the significance of not postponing pregnancy for too long to optimize the chances of natural conception and reduce reliance on assisted methods.

Impact on Maternal Health and Pregnancy Outcome: Older expectant mothers may face challenges related to pregnancy-induced hypertension, preterm birth, or cesarean delivery due to age-related physiological changes. From a clinical perspective, considering the potential impact of maternal age on pregnancy complications is essential in preconception counselling and comprehensive antenatal care to optimize maternal health and ensure favourable pregnancy outcomes.

Potential Impact on Childbearing Choices: Delaying the first pregnancy may affect the number of children a person or couple can have. With increasing age, the window for having multiple children may narrow due to decreased fertility and the desire to space children apart adequately.

Easier Physical Recovery: Younger bodies tend to recuperate faster after pregnancy and childbirth. Delaying pregnancy might mean facing the physical challenges of pregnancy and recovery at an older age.

While the decision to delay pregnancy involves complex personal considerations and varies for each individual or couple, understanding the potential implications of waiting too long can aid in making informed choices about family planning. 

Consulting with the best infertility specialists for guidance can assist in making a decision regarding your pregnancy timeline for optimal outcome.