It might be tempting to get pregnant again after a miscarriage, but it’s also a bad idea. Following such a traumatic event wherein you have sustained physical and mental trauma, it’s important that you take enough time off to heal. Your body and mind need some time to recuperate before you’re ready to get pregnant again. This break is also essential to identify the possible reason behind the miscarriage the last time – and how can you avoid the same thing the next time.


Get Help from a Doctor

Indeed, in many cases, miscarriage can be beyond one’s control. But it’s recommended that you consult an obstetrician and closely follow their advice before and during the pregnancy. Schedule regular prenatal visits. Do the necessary tests ordered by the doctor. You may be asked to do blood and genetic tests before another pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, you may be asked to visit the center for the best gynecologist in Kolkata for normal delivery and get this test done, as well as other tests. In any case, irrespective of the test you’re doing, make sure you have chosen the right diagnostic center. For instance, do some research to pick the clinic for the best gynecologist doctor in south Kolkata or a blood test center that has a good reputation and state-of-art facility.


Take (Better) Care of Yourself Before and During Pregnancy

Take extra precautions and care to ensure a successful pregnancy outcome. If you’re not in good shape, start exercising and get in the right physical health and weight bracket. If you’re dealing with mental health problems, reach out to a therapist or psychologist. If you have pre-existing health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, keep them under control. Start eating healthy foods; focus on getting all the nutrients from your meals. In all, take adequate measures to keep your physical and mental health in good condition. This is important before you get pregnant again, as well as during that pregnancy.


Welcome a Healthy Baby

Recurring or repeated miscarriages aren’t very common. But it does require some efforts on your end to ensure a healthy baby the next time you get pregnant. Make those efforts. Stay in touch with a good doctor. And welcome a new member to the family.