The decision to have a child can be exciting. But for many couples, the journey doesn’t go as planned. Some find it difficult to get pregnant. If you’re stuck in the same loop where your attempts are failing, there are several things you can do.


Has it been long enough?

Many couples get worried and disheartened only after a few weeks of trying. Are you one of them? 80 percent of couples conceive after 6 months. It takes time; in fact, it can take up to 12 months. So, if it has only been a few weeks, don’t lose hope. This happens with the majority of the couples. Keep trying.


Get the fertility test done

Poor fertility could be a cause behind failure at getting pregnant. So, the best option here is to rule this reason out. Get the necessary tests done; this applies to both the woman and man. Find the best diagnostic center in Kolkata.

Fertility tests for men include semen analysis, hormone and genetic testing, imaging tests like MRI and ultrasound, as well as other specialty tests in rare cases. For women, fertility tests include ovulation testing, ovarian reserve testing, hysterosalpingography, hormone testing, and imaging tests like a sonogram.


Improve your mental health

This is a very under-rated tip but it’s something crucial. When couples fail to conceive, many of them go through difficult emotional phases where they get more anxious, stressed out and even depressed.

There have been several studies done that suggest women with depressive symptoms are at a higher risk of infertility. So, it’s important that you and your partner invest in mental health. If needed, seek counselling from a mental health professional. The pregnancy testing centers in Kolkata also offer fertility tests.


Opt for the right treatment

In addition to poor fertility, there are various reasons why you could be failing at getting pregnant. Get in touch with a specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. If it’s because of the lifestyle you live, the doctor would recommend ways on how to improve your lifestyle.

With a diagnosis, the doctor would be able to tell what is the “reason”; it could be anything from blocked fallopian tubes to endometriosis. Once the cause is established, proper treatment could be followed. These are broad things you should ideally do if you’ve been trying to conceive but can’t. Hopefully, with the right measures and a good doctor by your side, you can start or grow your family very soon.