The ultrasound test employs sound waves that “echo” the structures of the fetus’s heart. These sound waves are analyzed by a machine, which produces an image of their heart’s inside, known as an echocardiogram. This picture shows how your baby’s heart developed and if it is functioning properly.

It also allows your doctor from the best fetal medicine clinic in Kolkata to view the blood flow via the heart of the fetus. This detailed examination helps your doctor to detect any abnormalities in the baby’s blood flow or heartbeat.


When Should Fetal Echocardiography be Performed?

Fetal echocardiography is not required for all pregnant women. A routine ultrasound will reveal the development of all four chambers of their baby’s heart for the majority of mothers.

If prior tests were inconclusive or if an irregular heartbeat was identified in the fetus, your OB-GYN may consider this treatment.

This test may also be required if:

  • You have a medical condition such as phenylketonuria, lupus, type 1 diabetes, or rubella.
  • You have used or been exposed to medicines that might cause heart abnormalities, such as epilepsy meds or prescription acne treatments.
  • You took drugs or drank alcohol while pregnant
  • You’ve already had a child with a cardiac issue.
  • You have a history of heart disease in your family.
  • Your unborn kid is at risk of having a heart defect or another illness.

This test is performed by some OB-GYNs. However, the test is normally performed by a skilled ultrasound technician or ultrasonographer. The findings will be reviewed by a cardiologist who specializes in pediatric care.

Abnormal fetal echocardiogram findings might be inconclusive or need more testing to determine what is wrong. When an issue is ruled out, no more testing is required. You can better manage your pregnancy and prepare for birth after your doctor has diagnosed an issue. The results of this test will assist you and your doctor in planning any post-delivery treatments your baby may require, like correctional surgery. You can also seek advice and counseling from fetal echocardiography near me to help you make healthy decisions.