Amniocentesis refers to a procedure in which a small amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby in the mother’s womb gets removed by passing a fine needle through the abdomen. The test is generally performed after fifteen weeks of pregnancy. Learn more about this test from the doctors of the best amniocentesis testing center in Kolkata.

The Procedure

Amniocentesis is an outpatient procedure and does not require the pregnant woman to get admitted. During the procedure, an ultrasound probe is used for proper guidance while keeping a safe distance from the baby. A fine needle is then pushed into the skin, through the abdomen and womb, under local anaesthesia.

A small sample of fluid (15-20 ml) that surrounds the baby is removed with the help of a syringe. The fluid is yellow/amber in colour but might sometimes be stained with some blood. The doctor then takes out the needle and the baby’s heartbeat is checked with an ultrasound. The amniotic fluid contains some of the baby’s cells which are then sent for laboratory testing.


According to the doctors of the best clinic for pregnancy care in Kolkata, most women state that they experience discomfort during the procedure. The pain experienced is similar to menstrual pain. A sharp, stinging sensation is felt when the needle goes inside and some pressure is felt when the needle comes out. 

During amniocentesis, you might experience cramping for a few hours after the procedure. However, if you notice other symptoms like feeling shivers (like in a flu), contractions, fluid loss or bleeding, seek medical intervention immediately.

Interpretation of the Results

Amniocentesis test results will help you get a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. The results will state whether or not the baby is suffering from the disorder that the test was used to detect, as per the doctors of a high risk pregnancy care clinic in Kolkata

  • Many women who undergo amniocentesis will get a ‘normal’ result, which means that the baby will be born without the disorder.
  • Results for some women might indicate that their baby has a disorder. In case of an ‘abnormal result’, you will have to decide the next course of action for you and your baby. For instance, your choices will be- 
  1. Terminating the pregnancy: You may be given the choice to terminate the pregnancy depending on how many weeks you have been pregnant.
  1. Continuing with the pregnancy: You may opt to continue your pregnancy and prepare for the birth of your baby.
  • There is a one in a hundred possibility that the test results might be unclear. In that case, you may be advised to go through a repeat test.

Choosing to undergo a procedure like amniocentesis is a personal decision. The test will help you know if your baby has a disorder so that you can decide the course of your pregnancy. For more information, reach out to the doctors of the best amniocentesis testing center in Kolkata.